- The Company was built in 1966 by Mr.Giovanni Passeri and managed since few years ago, then it passed in charge on his son Danilo.

Passeri Ceramiche D'Arte has always differentiated it-self on market thanks to its collections created following latest fashions and trends but above all thanks to the large experience of 50 years of activity. All goods are created and hand decorated following working tecnichs and artistichs qualities of our country that during the centuries it has passed on us, and above all are 100% Made in Italy. The brand ( Passeri ) presents on each object guarantees the high level of design, quality and style of the product. Each collection borns by elaborated studies done on forms and colours, but most of all by Italian taste and style that all over the world appreciates.

Items space out by lamps, to centre-pieces, amphoras, small and big vases, and go on.

At this intention Passeri Ceramiche d'Arte has always looked for a creation of a style and a form that can be identifiable and tangible trough its products. A clear identity and personality has established during the years. Furthermore, by the artigian nature, our strong point consists on personalize goods following the clients requests and we create collaborations with interior designer and contract company given form and colour to their draws.  




The Founder
Giovanni is born in Gualdo Tadino in 1943 and after having attended the Public Institute of Art he takes his diploma in 1962. As soon as he finished his studies, he made his first working experiences in some local companies. In 1966 he decided to open his own company that is still today on the ceramics market. During his long professional career, Giovanni participated many times at the “International Ceramics Competition”: in 1963 he won the third prize as ceramist and the golden medal for a service-set made for another company. In 1967 he won the second prize for a service study set and in 1978 he had a golden plaque for a lamp. During this last years some items of his production have been displayed in some different Museums both in Italy and abroad. Among the most important awards he received there are the one received by the “Confartigianato” in 2006 and the one as “Ceramist of the year” in 2008.